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Membership Info

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Westwood Antique and Classic Car Club please feel free to fill out the membership form right blow our membership requirements below.

Membership Requirements

  • Must live in Westwood, Hillsdale, Washington Township, Rivervale NJ or own a business in Westwood NJ
  • Must have a registered and insured antique or classic car 20 years or older

Please fill our the Membership Form

Membership Rules

  • Members must show respect to other members, other car clubs and the community.
  • Members shall practice safe driving habits and abide by the NJ alcoholic beverage consumption laws.
  • Members will act in a mature, adult manner when representing the Club.
  • Members are encouraged to assist in club sponsored events and meetings whenever possible.
  • Members should assist other members whenever possible.
  • If a member cannot adhere to the rules of the Club and it is felt that a member’s actions or activities harm the Club, its members or reputation, that member may be excused from the Club.
  • Each member will accept any and all liability for personal safety and or property damage at Club attended/sponsored events.
  • Annual Memberships are for a full calendar year.
  • Club Rules and Regulations are subject to change.
  • The Executed Committee decisions are FINAL.